3 June 2022   |   Opening: 20.00h   |   Performance: 21.00h 

DayDayGay is back! And kicking off big with the opening of Cindy van der Loan's cuntainer at Philippa Horgan Gallery in Plug-in City! In order to celebrate this properly, the theme of the night will be, you might've guessed it: CINDY!

During this night you can have some drinks and dance to hot tunes delivered by:
DJ Basde.Beer
and a suprise DJ for the first time at a DayDayGay event!

So come join us for this grande festive occasion and celebrate CINDY!

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About DayDayGay

Throughout the year DayDayGay organizes different events, often at different locations. If possible, they won't charge for entry. Being queer is a right, not a privilege. All their organizers work as unpaid volunteers, but they do pay performers and artists. DayDayGay's main venue is Plug in City at Eindhoven Strijp-S. Plug in City (or PiC) is known as the 'container building' and houses different creatives of which Philippa Horgan Gallery is one of them. So whether you are bi, straight, pan, gay, enby, cis, trans, orienting, curious, excited or a fan of glitters, you are welcome to join DayDayGay events. DayDayGay believes that everyone needs a safe space, queer people in particular, an open space allows you to flouris



Cindy van der Loan is an Eindhoven based Drag artist. Cindy is a creation by Paul Kuijpers and is a celebration of everything sparkly, queer, fun and pink. Through the lens of drag, Cindy works to create more queer spaces while also increasing LHBTQ+ visibility in Eindhoven. While in residence at Philippa Horgan Gallery, Cindy's atelier (or better to call it her dollhouse) will be just that. It will be the Head Quarters to elevate the platform for drag in Eindhoven. 

In residence: from 1 January 2022


Melissa Burghardt & Bibi van Heerwaarden


Struin jij het liefst Marktplaats of de kringloop af voor de mooiste tweedehands vondsten? Dan moet je hier zeker bij zijn! Tiendehands organiseert een pop-up shop met vintage items bij Plugincity op Strijp-S.

Melissa en Bibi zijn de dames achter Instagramaccount Tiendehands waar ze vintage spullen een tweede leven geven. Normaal gesproken verkopen de twee hun bijzondere vondsten online. Met het pop-up event geven ze liefhebbers de kans om ook fysiek te komen shoppen. Ook kun je genieten van een lekker bakje koffie en lekkers van de kraam van A Lot of Mies. 

Daarnaast kun je het werk kopen van verschillende Eindhovense designers, zoals Studio van Keulen, Lots Woorden, Ralf Jacobs, Designstudio SVA en Floor van Tuijn.


Pop-up shop: 24/25 July 2021 & 7/8 July 2021



Perhaps it is best to describe Ralf Jacobs as a photographer. He 'writes with light' in a wonderful spectrum of old and new techniques, from 19th-century cyanotypes to software-guided laser projections. Combining different photographic procedures and images, he creates new realities that incorporate time as a tangible presence.

On exhibition: 16 - 24 October 2021 during Dutch Design Week



A healthy eating environment is a fundamental criterion for a successful approach to obesity. But in most places the healthy choice is not yet the easy one. Can we expect individuals to solve their problems themselves and resist these temptations?

Goedgrutter is an interactive art installation that uses smart techniques such as walking routes, landscaping, packaging design and nudging to tempt the visitor to choose healthier products instead of more.

On exhibition: 16 - 24 October 2021 during Dutch Design Week




The Gallery is located in the heart of Eindhoven Strijp-S, a dynamic and sustainable city with opportunities for innovative and creative businesses and artists. We are a part of Plug in City, a temporary city, in the middle of Strijp-S that functions as a creative living lab, workshop, event space & cultural center. 

Philippa Horgan Gallery
Philippa Horgan Gallery